6 Rockin’ Fuji Instax Mini Film with Different Colorful Borders


Some really fun-loving people want to enhance their instant color prints by choosing to have decoration on its borders. In response, the Fuji Film company has created a variety of hip and colorful designs to meet this demand. Choices include the Shiny Star, Stained Glass, Candy Pop, Stripe, Rainbow and Airmail. All of the border […]

Where to Buy Fujifilm Instax Mini Pandora Film in Bulk?


The Fujifilm Pandora Mini Instax instant prints instant pictures in the handy credit card size. This Pandora gives your print’s borders pretty doodles reminiscent of the psychedelic style of the 1970’s without doing more than take a shot. Some users even comment that the design almost makes the film “too pretty to use.” The Pandora […]

Where to buy Fujifilm Instax Mini Rainbow Instant Film in bulk?


Fujifilm Instax Mini Rainbow instant films provide instant prints with different colored borders. From the name itself you can figure out that the border colors are in attractive rainbow hues. Because the films are popular, especially among the young, it may not be easy to find outlets that sell these items in bulk. Even if […]

3 Awesome Holga 120N Plastic Cameras


Instant cameras are again becoming very popular and there are a lot of cameras that you can choose from. But for this purpose of my review, let’s just focus on three cameras. I was given the privilege to try Holga 120N, Holga 120N Twi-Lite, and Holga 120 Color Flash Camera. What made Holga really special […]